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Destined Beyond Disabilities

We Are a Social Support System for Disabled Kids and Young Adults

Our purpose at Soaring Beyond Our Limit, Inc. in Royal Palm Beach, FL is to encourage and impact the lives of special needs youth in our community by embracing differences, removing barriers, and providing opportunities to create a social support network.

This is accomplished through hosting an annual fashion and talent show and coordinating other social events to foster relationships among peers as they face life's everyday challenges.

All donations are accepted and appreciated:

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“Alan really enjoyed the bowling because he had never done this before. He was really happy to be bowling with me, his older brother, and all of his friends who he has come to love.” 

- Giancarlo (Brother)

"Thank you for creating such a wonderful organization and having such a great event that our beautiful children could be a part of. Brayden had a fabulous time! We truly appreciate everything you, your family, and all of the volunteers did!!"


“You were phenomenal and the event was amazing ! I held my tears while watching the genuine joy all these amazing children can spread so easily ... they are our gifts and it was incredibly nice to share them last night with you and all these special families.”

- (Parent)

“You get to look so pretty and walk onto the stage in front of everyone with cameras. The makeup was so much fun to look so pretty!” 


 "While i was getting ready, i felt like my dreams was coming true; )"


“I as a parent, love the activities that you are providing. The bowling was so much fun for the whole family. I can't wait to see next year’s fashion show! We hope we’re invited!” 

- Alisa (Parent)

“This was an unforgettable night for our family. Janae was treated like a princess as she was doted on by the hair stylist and makeup artist. As she modeled a long fuchsia gown, she not only looked beautiful but I know that night she felt gorgeous. The attention and applause she received had her grinning and giggling with joy.” - 

Tracy and Ollie Jones (Parents)

“What an amazing event! As the opening speaker and father of one of the models, I was privileged to have a very unique perspective from beginning to end. I was so impressed with the support, attendance, talent and glamor, as well as the confidence and enthusiasm of every participant. It is so difficult to believe this was Brianna's very first fashion and talent show....she did a wonderful job! 

I look forward to attending future “Soaring Beyond our Limits’” events that encourage and inspire children and young adults with disabilities to soar beyond their limits.” 

- Ollie Jones IV (President/Founder, Hope 4 Mobility, Inc.)

“Soaring Beyond Our Limits, Inc. is a wonderful organization that provides opportunities for our son, Brandon, to soar beyond the limits of cerebral palsy. Brandon has participated in the 1st Annual Fashion Show and recently participated in the Family Bowling Event. The bowlers had a great time and it was a wonderful opportunity for the families to spend a few hours together. Soaring Beyond Our Limits, Inc. has been wonderful for Brandon’s self-esteem, confidence and social skills.”

– Jim and Allison Edge (Parents)


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